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RE: Goods features as part of a collaborative pop-up project at ION Orchard with three other homegrown labels — OFFCUT, OOLORS and PANELOGUE. Find out more about the RE: Pop-Up here


PANELOGUE’s engineered wood boards set itself apart from other building materials, for a more sustainable frontier. With their renewable wood boards, they posit a return to structures built out of wood — just like they used to be in the past — but with a modern update on the material: from improving its structural advantages, increasing its strength, to perfecting its consistency. 


A break from digital play. Identical wooden blocks are assembled in threes — stacked in one single direction, followed by stacking another three in a perpendicular fashion. The board game only begins when a full tower of blocks has been stacked: featuring ten rows of three. These are intentionally designed to be pocket-sized for portability and entertainment on-the-go.
A game of balance: this challenge requires players to continue building an upward tower of building blocks — using the blocks from the bottom. 
1. Each player takes their turn to remove a block from the bottom seven rows of the tower, before attempting to place it on the top of the tower without knocking it down. 
2. This is repeated by every player, in order to stack up the tower. 
3. The game ends when the tower collapses, and the player who causes the demolition during their turn of play is declared the loser.

Dimensions: 6.6cm (L) x 6.6cm (W) x 11.8cm (H)