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In Pursuit Of Timelessness

Go behind the scenes with our Creative Director, Sven for a closer look at how our latest collection came into fruition - from initial inspirations to his approach for the campaign.


A Tale of Creative Bonds:
The Phay Sisters

Meet the mother and daughter pair as they share their thoughts on their craft, personal styles and what collaboration means to them.

Minding Colors

An exclusive series of prints created in collaboration with young budding artist Karuna Chua. Delve into the design process and inspiration behind as we speak to Karuna, who shares his unique perspective that fuelled this creative endeavour.


This August, IN GOOD COMPANY was proud to present our new arrivals at Fashion for Cancer (FFC), a special charity fashion showcase - Let’s go behind the scenes with Yan, some of the cancer survivors, and a few of the powerhouse individuals who have given their time and expertise to support this meaningful cause.

A Tale of Creative Bonds:
The Phay Sisters

Meet Laura and Lesley Phay - a pair of sisters who exemplify an extraordinary familial bond rooted in a shared passion for creativity. We ask them what drives their creative streak, how they ideate, and how this transcends to their personality and style.

Holiday'23 Bags:
Joie De Vivre

Ever since the introduction of the POUF bag, each IN GOOD COMPANY look can now be complete with its clutch, crossbody and wristlet style-trifecta. This holiday season, the addition of three new bags makes it a lot easier to create the final look you want.

Meet the Minis

Here are some fun, good-to-know facts about the miniature horses — their eclectic personalities, and candid behind-the-scenes shots of them as models in our Capsule 20 campaign.

Worlds of Fantasy:
Diana Beltrán Herrera

In collaboration with paper artist Diana Beltrán Herrera, @dianabeltranherrera, our holiday campaign unveiled a whimsical world of characters in amusing situations with our bags.Delve into her insights and the creative process that brought this fantastical universe to life, all through the medium of paper.

The Art of Effortless Sophistication

At the core of everything is a dedication to making sophistication look effortless and give personal style an elevated ease. Personal style is a form of self-expression. Explore, discover and play with shape, colour, and tonal variety and to create endless possibilities for your wardrobe.

The Horses' Diary

You’ve met the mini horses — but now it’s time you get to know the lives of all 17 horses (and their trainers) at EQUAL a little better.

In the Name of Art:
Anmari Van Nieuwenhove

We speak to Anmari van Nieuwenhove, as she offers a glimpse into her life in the arts, and shares her insights on creativity.

Classics, Reinvented:
The Denim Edit

WELCOME TO THE DENIM EDIT — Look through anyone’s closet and you’re very likely to find a piece of denim in there. It’s a fan and designer’s favourite fabric for good reason—deceptively simple pieces that are technically complex to work with, but when you find your way around it, the result is often magic.

The Magic of Gentle Therapy Horses

The work that EQUAL does is important and multi-fold. Not only do they rescue animals, but these horses and cats are re-trained to go on to become therapy animals in animal-assisted programmes, helping people in need.

Clay Camp 2023:
Mud Rock

To mark their 10th anniversary, the team behind ceramic studio Mud Rock organised Clay Camp, designed a weeklong celebration to foster a sense of community and showcase the talents of international ceramic masters. From September 27th to October 3rd 2023, The Arts House in Singapore served as the backdrop for this unique gathering of passionate artists.

POUF in the City:
Everyday Made Stylish

Meet IN GOOD COMPANY’s POUF Bag: a wristlet, clutch and crossbody – all in one. Crafted a hint of playfulness in mind, the POUF Bag merges IN GOOD COMPANY’s design language with elevated modernity.

Jian Yang

When hobby transforms into obsession: local Barbie collector Jian Yang lets us in on the origins and inner workings of his world-renowned doll collection, and his handcrafted doll-sized paper dresses.

On The Road Less Travelled:
Krystal Tan

Every wardrobe has its staple, as does every life its narrative. For many, it's a relentless pursuit of more. For others, it's about seeking an escape. But for a select few, listening intently to that inner voice can lead to a discovery of a truer, more enriching life. We speak to Krystal Tan, Co-Founder of Blue Sky Escapes, as she shares about her adventure of a lifetime.

Draping on the Stand

We follow Kane Tan, our Artisanal Director, into his creative space to demonstrate how a final paper pattern might be created from his direct work on the stand — before it is sent down to the production team.

Unveiling Spaces:
The Warehouse Hotel

We hear the clinking of glass against metal. Soft voices hang in the air. Yet the seductive knowledge of private affairs remains tucked away — in the secluded corridors of one godown turned riverside solace: The Warehouse Hotel.

What Empowers Us:
Charlotte Puxley

There's something about people who work with flowers — and we got to know exactly what it is when we chatted with Charlotte Puxley, who's behind @charlottepuxleyflowers.

Behind the Seams:
A View Into A Modern Cottage Industry

Located in Taixing, a country-level city in Jiangsu province, China, the illustrious IN GOOD COMPANY production facility is a three-story country house nestled within a quiet farming community.

A Gathering of Everything Good:
OFFCUT by Allegro Print

In the first of this four-part series featuring our favourite homegrown picks for their festive offerings, we speak to OFFCUT by Allegro Print on their unique take of giving paper offcuts a new life, and the meaning it tacitly imbues.

Sweet Spots We Love:
Mother Dough

The third and last of a three-part series dedicated to some of our homegrown makers who have near perfected their sweet craft, we speak to Naadhira Ismail of Mother Dough.

Sweet Spots We Love:
Plain Vanilla

In the second of a three-part series dedicated to some of our homegrown makers who have near perfected their sweet craft, we speak to Plain Vanilla founder Vanessa Kenchington.

Sweet Spots We Love:
Birds of Paradise

The first of a three-part series dedicated to some of our homegrown makers who have near perfected their sweet craft. We’re joined in conversation with Edwin Lim: founder and maker of the wondrous gelato space in question.