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PANELOGUE 3D Puzzle | Hedgehog

SGD 24

RE: Goods features as part of a collaborative pop-up project at ION Orchard with three other homegrown labels — OFFCUT, OOLORS and PANELOGUE. Find out more about the RE: Pop-Up here


PANELOGUE’s engineered wood boards set itself apart from other building materials, for a more sustainable frontier. With their renewable wood boards, they posit a return to structures built out of wood — just like they used to be in the past — but with a modern update on the material: from improving its structural advantages, increasing its strength, to perfecting its consistency. 

3D Puzzle | Hedgehog

Take yourselves back to those childhood days with this cute little 3D puzzle. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself reaching for this three-part hedgehog; especially in those moments you’re lost in thought, or you want to get those brain juices flowing.  
These 3D puzzles are crafted using wooden MDF (medium density fiberboard) chips.  

Dimensions: 9cm (L) x 2.8cm (W) x 5.6cm (H)