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OFFCUT Meeting Agenda Notepad



OFFCUT is a creative initiative by Allegro Print, our go-to printer in Singapore, to manage paper waste better. 

For every printed matter that is created, be it books, magazines, cards or paper paraphernalia in any form — remnants from their make are inevitably left behind. These are the off-cuts — good quality paper that can no longer be used because they are odd-sized, or random in their hue. Every year, tonnes of these are discarded because printers lack storage space or a purpose for them. Allegro Print launched OFFCUT in order to re-purpose these remnant papers into refreshed stationery, turning "waste material" into sustainable goods for everyday use.  
Meeting Agenda Notepad 

A grid pad for important notes, summaries, and meeting-bingo. 

- Dimensions: 128 x 210 mm
- Approximately 100 sheets
- Rectangular portrait pad with a tear edge. 
- 1/4" square grid. 
- Lined spaces for "Meeting Summary" and "Actions".

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