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The Horses’ Diary

11 December 2020

You’ve met the mini horses — but now it’s time you get to know the lives of all 17 horses (and their trainers) at EQUAL a little better. Running the stables for therapy horses isn’t all fun and games, and we get to go into the nitty-gritty with the trainers as they let us tag along one morning — on just another day at the EQUAL stables.

As with any nurse or professional caretaker, these therapy horses must be trained; whether it’s to be better equipped to remain at ease with special needs individuals, or to slow down its pace to that of an elderly individual. The trainers go through a multitude of exercises and training regimes to help the horses adapt to these daily habits, and ultimately, get ready for a day’s worth of meeting the beneficiaries.

From meal time to grazing in the paddocks, the horses’ schedules have been well thought out to cater to each of their individual behavioral habits. This in turn, helps the trainers to understand and assign the different horses to different groups of people according to what they’re most naturally attuned to.

Here’s a better look at some of the everyday things for the horses and trainers at EQUAL.

Beat one: 6.30am

Breakfast time for the horses — their trainers will bring the hay in for them to start their morning right.

Beat two: 7.30am

Lunging time aka trainer-trainee bonding time: their trainers will take them around the arena
for exercises or even bring them out for walks.

Ribena in the exercise arena with Uncle Tommy

 Matahari and Costera return from their walk with the trainers outside.

Beat three: 9.00am

Just like we take showers after our morning exercise, the horses return to
their stables for a quick bath or clean too!

Here’s GB getting his morning shower in.

Beat four: 9.00am

It’s a rotation schedule at EQUAL — the horses take their turns to play and mingle in the arena, paddocks etc.
The mini horses are having a blast during their arena turn-out time, as their other fellow hooved friends
are getting groomed.

The Miniature Horses play catch during their free time in the arena.

Beat five: 10.00am

Before the pandemic struck, 10am would be about the time they’d start welcoming the beneficiary groups for their sessions.
With the community cases being alleviated, they’re hoping to welcome more beneficiaries to
their stables once again.

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